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Song Writing


SkyeLab Music Group has a team of talented, published songwriters ready to work on your music demo/masters.

Don't let a poorly written song hold YOU back!

Do you write songs and want them produced?
Do you have lyrics you would like to set to music?
Do you have an idea for a song that you would like to finish?
Would you like to make a vocal demo, but you don't write songs?


No problem!
We will produce your original songs, or  you can choose from one of our original songs or we can write one with your vocal style in mind.

Send us your chords, lyrics and the type of style you would like your song to be in. We'll produce the song and IF YOU LIKE, bring in a professional singer to do the vocals. We'll email you MP3 files along the way to make sure you're happy with the direction of the production.

Many artists like us to come up with a music track and then they write their own lyrics to match. Sometimes artists come with just lyrics or just melodies, or any combination. We work with it all. That’s what good songwriting is all about.

If company or its representatives participate in the songwriting of the compositions, then those songs shall be co-written and co-published by the parties involved in the writing.  If company or artist does not participate in the writing of the compositions, then they shall not have any publishing or authoring rights.

"Soon after having several of my songs produced by Arty Skye of SkyeLab, I received some awesome awards, and most recently landed in the "Suggested Artist" category in the VH1 sponsored "Song of the Year" contest. I owe all of this to SkyeLab and highly recommend their superior services to musicians everywhere."
- Songwriter Teri Nades

We would be happy to help you work out a plan that is within YOUR budget.  

It's easy, just call 212-789-8942 or fill out the form below for a FREE, No Obligation Consultation.


Upload a sample track: :: Accepted file formats are .MP3, OOG or .ACC. File sizes must be limited to 24 MB.
Please prove that you are human by typing the DARK BLACK letters to the right

Uploading a track make take a few minutes.
If you are 15 years old or younger, please have a parent or guardian contact us on your behalf.

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