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Questions & Answers

Q: I’m a singer. Where do I start?

A: Step one is to get the highest quality recording of yourself with original songs. This is referred to as a music demo or demo CD. When you start contacting people in the music industry on your quest for a record deal, they will want to hear your music demo and see your entire artist package.

Every record company receives thousands of letters and emails everyday from singers telling them how wonderful they are. Have you seen some of the singers on American Idol who can't hold a tune? Just telling someone you're great doesn't do anything for your career, but when you send them a fantastic music demo of yourself with great original songs, you're taking the first step to a record deal.


Q: I’m a singer and I’d like to make a music demo. Where do I start?

A: You need to find a reputable music producer or music production company that  has experience making HIT records.


Q: I don’t play any instruments. Can I still make a music demo?

A: Absolutely! The music producer will arrange the music and hire professional musicians to play it.  A music producers job is to coordinate all aspects of the musical production, including working with the musicians and engineers, booking studio time, picking songs, etc. This leaves the singer to concentrate on what they do best- SINGING!


Q: I don’t write music. Can you write a song with my vocal style in mind?

A: Yes, and we do it often. Many of our artists prefer SkyeLab to create the music track, and then they write their own lyrics to match. On ocassion, artists come to us with just lyrics or melodies, or any combination. We work with it all- that’s what songwriting is all about.  (Click here for more info on Songwriting)



A:  The first thing should be experience.  Consider the following:
  • Who have they worked with and how long have they been around?
  • The next thing to inquire about is whether or not they make records for a living, or are they part-time producers with day jobs? This is how you'll know how serious they are about your project.
  • Do they have experience with the style of music you wish to pursue?
  • Will you be recording in a home studio and singing in a closet, or will you be in a professional recording studio that will give you the sound you need?
  • Does the mixing engineer who will be mixing your tracks have any hit record credits, or any credits at all?
  • Are there any hidden fees like musicians, studio time, engineer, rentals, etc., or is it all inclusive? Be sure you know all the costs before you're dragged into something you weren't prepared for.
  • Where are they located? New York and LA are the hubs of the record Industry.  Thousands of records are produced in these locations, and almost all of the major labels that record the big stars you hear on the radio are located here.
  • Lastly, you need to hear the quality of their work. Does it sound contemporary, like the music that’s on the radio now, or does it sound dated? Are the vocals clean and up front, or buried behind the producers musical arrangement? Would you be happy with the same quality for your music? Finding a producer who matches your style is the difference between a hit and obscurity.


We've worked with artists including: Madonna, Mya, Brandy, Pink, Will Smith, Missy Elliot, 98 Degrees and many more.  We have 13 Platinum and gold records and hundreds of album credits.  A professional studio with great musicians and engineers with no hidden fees. Our songwriters have been published.  SkyeLab Music Group is THE place to record your music.


Q: How much should I expect to pay for a album?

A: You can spend as little as a few hundred dollars and your album will most likely sound awful and definitely not impress anybody in the industry.   You need to have an outstanding album that will compete with the professional product that record companies receive everyday.  Creating a cheap recording can actually be perceived as worse than not doing one at all. By settling for for a cheap recording, you will be giving a bad impression to the people that you’re reaching out to, and it will be harder for you to be heard the next time around.  

We have multiple levels of pricing to match any budget.  If this is your dream, you need to give yourself a genuine chance of succeeding!  If you expect to actually impress record company executives who receive hundreds of music submissions everyday, the only way to do it is with quality from professionals like SkyeLab Music Group.


Q: I hear the music business can be shady. What should I watch out for?

A: 10 Pitfalls you MUST avoid when doing your demo! Unfortunately, there are many scams to watch out for.  Believe it or not, the business is a lot more shady with non-professionals who have very little legitimate music industry experience, then it is when dealing with professionals who make records for a living.

Remember,  if something looks and feels shady, it probably is.


Q. Now that my recording is done, what should I do?

A: The first step is to create your press kit, which we can do for you.  We can also assist with writing and editing your artist bio and set you up with a professional photographer to have your artist pictures taken.  We'll then create your music profile on popular music sites and social networks that can give you exposure to the music industry, along with exposure to millions of potential fans.  We can also campaign on your behalf, reach out to blogs and magazines for exposure and reviews, and submit your music to online and traditional radio.  We will also give you access to our free ebooks and additional resources to help you in your pursuit of a professional music career.

If you're interested in a detailed outline of our marketing services you can check them out HERE.


Q. I'm not in NY. Can you still work with me?

Q. Okay, I want you to do my MUSIC DEMO. What do I do next?

A: It's easy. Please call us and we'll schedule a time for you to come to our studio and tell us about your project.  You can hear samples of our work and tour our studio. There's no obligation on your part. When you're convinced we're the right music production company for you, we'll set up a plan that's within your budget and start production on your original music.  We'll put you on the right road to achieving your goals.

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