Seth Xavier

Arty, Just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on the CD. I had to of course get away from it for a while, then listen to it again. It just sounds killer. You nailed it – just exactly what I wanted it to sound like and it gives me loads of ideas as to how to market it and the image(s) I want to use for its release. You really pulled out the best of the best in these songs, and I am deeply grateful.

Francisco Toscano

Working with Skyelab was certainly a challenging and satisfying experience. I am from Mexico City and came to NYC expressly to work with Arty. His precise directions at the recording studio as well as his musical intuition made possible for us to record a totally professional song including background vocals in record time! His dedication to the work we were did together as well as his career counseling are just what I needed to have a solid basis to continue my musical project going forward. Thank you Skyelab for helping me create an amazingly sounding song!

Dave Diedri

I had a blast working with Skylab! The song came out hot, and I’ve been getting a lot of great feed back from the production. Arty Skye brought ideas to the music it didn’t have going into the process, but also made sure I stayed true to material. I am looking forward to working with them again, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Keren Stefansky

Working with Arty has been a great experience. He takes my songs from basic chords with lyrics and transforms them into fantastic and exciting productions time and time again. As a songwriter with little technical expertise it’s great to be able to rely on Arty to take care of that whole production for me. He even plays some of the instruments on my demos himself. he’s unbelievable on the guitar! Not to mention how friendly and pleasent he is to work with.

Daylle Schwartz
Author: The Real Deal, Start and Run Your Own Record Label, I Don′t Need a Record Deal

I’ve know Arty for many years and recommended many people to him. They’ve all been very happy with his services. Arty’s personal consideration sets him apart from many others.

Denise Lewis

Recording at SkyeLab Sound Studios was a dream come true! As a singer/songwriter it was crucial that I found a music production team that would not only respect and embrace my creativity, but enhance it as well. Arty and his team did just that and more! I have a quality, state-of-the art, radio ready collection of songs that I shop around with pride. And as for the business side, Arty and the guys were jewels! Unfortunately there are a lot of shady people in the music business so finding a production team/studio can be intimidating, but let me just say that these guys are legit and on top of things. Thanks guys and I’ll see you at the top!

Sean Murray

Arty was very helpful from beginning to end. He created two fantastic pop songs, tailored to my style and voice range, leaving me with a great demo to send to managers and labels. Thanks Arty!

Mrs. Peel

Arty and his guys rock! They really know their stuff technically, but creatively they’re @#$% geniuses!


Recording at Skyelab studio made our trip such an unforgettable experience! Due to us living in the UK we thought it might be a problem to organize everything. But Arty was amazing he was in constant contact with us. Even before we came over to NY Arty was their to talk us through every step of the way. When being such a long way away we felt that the service we received couldn’t of been better. When over in NY he was so helpful and had so many ideas on how to create our own style with a more unique backing and great harmonies. We are so happy with the final production of the songs! He really did make the whole experience something we will never forget, and we feel so privileged to of worked with him. We just hope we will get the opportunity to work with such a talent man again! Thanks so much Arty!

Maura Matlak

As a singer/songwriter/pianist, when I walked into Skyelab, I had a lot of melodies, lyrics, and song ideas racing around in my head. I didn’t know where to start! Arty worked with me to help focus my ideas into a defined and unique ‘Maura’ sound. He encouraged me to be creative and push the envelope, but always helped me keep my focus. The writing and recording experience is so positive at Skyelab… it’s an atmosphere where you can just chill and perform and do what you love to do. Arty truly cared about the quality of my recordings, and took everything into account, from renting me a killer digital piano for the recording sessions, to giving me advice about my headshots. When I walked out of Skyelab, I had great radio-ready music, and great friends in Arty and all the guys at the studio.


Hey Arty! Just listened again and played for a few friends. The consensus is: everyone was FLOORED!!! This is my FAVORITE track!!!! THANK YOU!!!