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Many artists and singers search for a recording studio when they get serious about a career in music. But a recording studio is only a place to record. Most recording studios will only provide a recording engineer and/or assistant and a room full of recording equipment. But the recording engineer won’t create the music. That’s the job of the music producer and/or the band.

So what the singer needs first, is a music producer, not a recording studio, unless they already have a great recording of their music and they’re ready to record vocals.

Arty Skye - SkyeLab Recording StudioIf you’d like to hire music producer / engineer Arty Skye, please contact us to discuss our rate.

Please contact us at 212.789.8942 to set up your free consultation. A 50% deposit in advance is required to book the time with a 4 hour minimum.

The Music Producer

The music producer will help create and shape the music and choose the recording studio based on the recording equipment necessary for the music production. The music producer will also help choose the recording engineer and mix engineer, based on the genre of music and the sound you’re trying to achieve. The best way to make sure your voice is ready to record is through vocal coaching and voice lessons. Once you’re ready to hit the studio and record your song, Mike can be there to direct you and make sure you get the best performance you can.

The recording studios

Each of our New York City recording studios is equipped with Protools HD, Apple Logic, and loaded with tons of plug-ins.We have high quality Neumann microphones, Avalon & Focusrite mic pres, Urei compressors, EQ’s, and more. Our live rooms are completely balanced and sound proof.

SkyeLab Music currently only utilizes recording studio time for our music production clients. If you’d like to learn more about our music production services, please contact us.

We offer music recording, music production, mixing and mastering. Please call to discuss your project.

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