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Dan Gallo

Bravo!!!! Dynamite Arty!!!!!!!!  So Freaking beautiful man!!  … She sounds great , the music ..I know your mastering will be the icing on the cake!!!! Great Job Arty .. We love it!!!!

Adam Mohamed
ARTY! SOUNDS AMAZING!!! Thank you!!!
William Brennan
The song is mindblowing, great job on song, I think it could be a billboard dance club hit… I’d like to enter into songs contest, i put the song on iPod and got to hear all the attributes of the song and it could really be a monster hit in the clubs, song was well worth the wait, thanks so much for all your hard work and there’ll be more songs coming in future, thanks again!

Johanna Cage

We are both extremely pleased!!!! Love it, it came out GGREAT.

Jacob Majba

This last song is just incredible. The composition is really stirring, I can’t describe the quality I hear…it’s brilliant!!

The Mazzzzzz
Experiencing the record-making process from start to finish has been an exciting journey that has offered me great fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment along the way. I continue to enjoy all the experiences this song has taken me and feel very fortunate to have been able to work with you and the SkyeLab staff on this project. I feel quite blessed to have been able to be surrounded by such talented people.

Seth Duncan
Arty! Another masterpiece! Just exactly what I wanted!!! What a tremendous job you have done on creating a mood and sound that is fresh and current, yet deep and moving! I love it!!!!!

Jay Preston
Working with Skylab over all, has been a vary first class, professional experience. That’s a shout out to [Will] and Bret, for taking the time to work with me and answering all my questions.

Penny Rovillard
You have captured their sound!!!!!!!!! Tony and Paul got to hear the new mix on Take Me Home today as well as Hotel Windows. Blown awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… We are all so honored to have you take interest in this project… When the time comes, it is Skye All The Way.

Kay Renee
Thank you Mr.Skye we loved the music, oh my goshhh!! You were totally right, the music is so hot!!!! You truly out did yourself, me and my family and our group feel like this song is going to go so far, thank you so much, we are so completely grateful!!!

Dorel Lacatus
Outstanding job Arty, it will be awesome, thank you so much for doing such a good job!

Artyyyy!!! I just saw your email! The song is hot! I looove it! I only heard it twice and already have tons of ideas! I cant tell whether or not I would need another writer but whatever it is you’re the best and I am extremely excited!! I’ll work on it and let u know more soon! Thank u soooo much!!

Jenn Connor
I played the track and I LOVE it! You did a fantastic job on it! It sounds like it is going to be a great song and I will know for sure once I hear the melody! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! 😀 Thank you so much again!

Amber Mekush
Thanks SOOO much for this I LOVE it!! I am so excited to get in the studio asap.

Tom West
You nailed this one out of the park… Great beat and progression and hooky as well THANK YOU! You are an awesome producer, thanks for all you have been doing for us…. We are more than happy.

Arty, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arty, this is EPIC!!! I was expecting something really good after I heard the instrumental version, but this is far beyond my expectations! It’s really fantastic, thanks a lot for your time and efford on this production!

Butch Cassidy
Thats PERFECT!! Great job sir! I love what you did. You really made the song MOVE so much better and sound so much fuller. Thank you again for all your great work and for your incredible team!

Vallyre Greene
Wow!!! Bret, awesome job 🙂 I really like how you show the shadow in the back of my artistic side, I really, really like that. Awesome Job!!! [The press kit] looks really professional and that is what I want to make a good impression and you did. Good Job!!!

Larry Wilson
Everyone has told me, ‘You have found a GREAT PRODUCER’ I cannot say anything except thanks and I can’t wait to work with you again on the next Album…

Getiana Blanca Rosa
I just heard it… Caliente!! Super hot! Yes… Mission accomplished 🙂 We have brought the Carnaval to everyone in this track. I can’t wait to perform this one live especially in Rio.

John Cain
So I literally sat and listened to the track 100 times and I think it is amazing!

Eddie Gindi
Oh my god!! Holy s#!t… F#$&in fantastic. Arty I love u. The girls in my office love it. They are all dancing.

Jonathan Hayward
Give Arty a super thanks for mixing my track well, & look forward to working with him again soon.

Iva Stelmak
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Christopher
Nice work! I’m really digging that beat!

Seth Xavier
Your immense belief and dedication to this project shows in the unbelievably high quality of the production. I trust your instincts completely as far as where you want to take this next and what you feel would be the next steps in marketing and production.

Vince Shea
Hey Arty, congratulations… The song sounds fantastic… You’re a musical wizard!

Vallyre Greene
I really, really love it. Tell Art he is Awesome!!!!!

Tiffany Parker
I love the final song, it sounds great! Thanks so much!

Isabel Lacatus
I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and passion you put in my song.

Claudia Bellanca
I loveee this track its really awesome! I can tell it’s gunna be fun 🙂 Thank you sooooo soooo much!

Seth Xavier
Thank you so much for giving my project the respect you have, it means a lot. Thank you so much for your help!

It was a wonderful feeling to see my first song actually released. Can you imagine the BIG smile on my face.

Ken Christopher
AMAZING. Couldn’t be happier, it’s so strong it could be a single.

Vallyre Greene
The music is unique and special… That is what I need something that allows me to stand out and be recognized. You’re a genius, you know what cha doing. I love it, I love it!!!!!

Larry Wilson
When it comes right down to it. YOU guys are the PRO’S!

Nasos Lambrianides
Arty, this is EPIC!!! I was expecting something really good after I heard the instrumental version, but this is far beyond my expectations! It’s really fantastic, thanks a lot for your time and efford on this production!

Rebecca Schuetze
Arty it’s amazing! We absolutely love it.

Tiffany Parker
I really love the intro and the beats great!

Shannon Presley
Arty Arty Arty!!! Yo this HOT HOT HOT!! This is nothing I expected… WOW!!! MAN oh MAN…

Jen Feld
We received the master just today and it is A-maz-ing!! Thank you so much for the hard work you have done.

Prince Beverly
You are the man! The song sounds so sick! Totally different from the original, but surprisingly I like it so much better! I am so exited you will finish it soon.

All the tracks you make are powerhouse! You’re a musical MASTERMIND, this last track is EXPLOSIVE!!!

Iris E
I ROCK IT!!!, can’t wait to hear the completed project. Www Ooo Ww…

Jenna Despres
Hey! I got the MP3’s. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!

Valerie Sciarra
I DO love it! It has a really fresh sound (to a song I’ve been working on for over 5 years!) so I’m excited.

Amber Mekush
Awwww I love it!!

Jace Casey
I love it. Energy is awesome.

I see the work that you are doing and I think you are just absolutely amazing!

It sounds great!

Carmen Magro
Track sounds great Arty!

Keren Stefansky
Thanks 🙂 it’s been fun and u’ve been amazing.

Eddie Gindi
Thanks you really are the best!

Arty did an awesome job!

Carmen Magro
You’re the man Arty! Thank you!

Jill Pangas


wow wow wow so good!

Michael Black

Your goddamn genius I absolutely love it let me know when it is completely done I don’t know if you have to do anything else but it sounds perfect to me thank you guys so much I’m jumping out of my skin I let 12 people listen to it and they all loved it without listening to it again at work to guys listen at the same time I did on the first take and they said that something that sounds brand-new on the radio it’s that good and it’s even better now you’re a genius.

Raquel Pearl
WOW!!!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it so much!!! It’s all perfect, you really nailed it!! I love the bigness and epicness!! Thank you!!!! 🙂
April Ann

Really love this!! It’s exactly how I wanted it thank you so much.

Tiffany Rollins

Thank you Arty!!
First let me tell you that you my friend are a genius the mix is BEAUTIFUL!


Arty, you are a beast!
That friggin’ rocks my face off! I love the electric guitar tone, the strings and harp sounds at select moments and the overall slightly gritty feel which matches the rough situation for the protagonist.
I’m gonna sing my butt off.

Janet McDonald

Oh my goodness Arty – this is AMAZING……….you are unbelievable!!! We knew that we could rock the science/education world with “body systems”……….and now we know we can do the same with plants and chemistry!!

I love the way you got both choruses to work – and I know you’ve scored another “A PLUS” (PLUS, PLUS)!