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Not in New York? Not in the U.S.? Not a problem! We can still work together. We work with artists from all over the world.

We can talk by Skype, Phone, Google Hangouts or just email.

We’ll have our “Discovery Meeting” to learn about who you are as an artist, what your goals are, and exactly what songs we are producing for you.  Once the song and direction are decided on, the SkyeLab team will produce the music track in our NY recording studio. We would love you to come to NY to record your vocals with us, but we understand if you can’t.  So then…

We’ll find the right recording studio for you in your area and arrange everything so you can record your vocals.

We will send the music files to the recording studio in your area, and instruct them exactly how we would like your vocal session to go. Once the vocal tracks are recorded, they will send them back to us, where we will edit, mix and master your project.  Once that’s complete, we’ll move into the marketing phase.

Or come record your vocals with us in our New York recording studio.

Now of course, we would prefer for you to come into NY to record your vocals with us. Producing an exceptional vocal is an art in itself. Arty Skye has worked with such vocalists as Brandy, Alicia Keys, 98 Degrees, Sisqo and literally thousands more. Achieving the right sound is a combination of the proper microphones and equipment, the proper acoustic environment, our professional recording and editing techniques we use on records, along with making the artist feel relaxed and comfortable so that they can be at their best and sing like they’ve never done before. We love when singers are amazed at their performances and say “I can’t believe that’s me!”

But again, we understand if that’s not possible.

If you’re a artist/singer, but you don’t write songs:

We’ll discuss what style of music you’d like to sing, what your vocal range is, and what would be the best direction for you to go in. We will then produce a song here in NY, tailored to your specific style. The song will be sent to you with a corresponding lyrics sheet. If you’re feeling it and sound great singing it, then we can book the vocal session in NY (if you can make it), or we will contact and book a recording studio in your area, providing them with the tech details and session files so you can record your vocals there. The recording studio will then send us back the files, and we will mix and master here in our New York Studio.

If you’re a singer/songwriter:

We’ll work with same attention to detail as a songwriter would need, including getting your feedback on our work along the way. Once we send you the the mixed instrumental version of your song, you can take it to your studio of choice to record your vocals. If you need help in selecting a local studio to work with, we’d be happy to help.

If you’re a songwriter:

All you need to do is send us a lyric sheet, with designated verse, chorus, bridge, etc. include a tape, CD, or MP3 of the melody, and we’ll handle the rest. Once we receive your package, we’ll call you to discuss exactly what direction you had in mind and what style of vocalist is needed. We’ll produce the music and send you a rough mix. We’ll make the changes you think are necessary, and once you approve it, we’ll bring in the singer to perform it. Once completed, the song is mixed down and the final CD will be sent to you, along with a TV track (Karaoke version).