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Men In My Head

NAME: Men In My Head

HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY

CHALLENGE: MIMH needed to revamp their sound and their style as a full band for their second CD, so they came to SkyeLab to work with Arty Skye.

SOLUTION: We helped create a new sound for the band by incorporating horns and keyboards into their sound and tightening up the band. We produced, mixed and mastered their second full-length CD. SkyeLab matched them with an image consultant and photographer and created a new polished look for MIMH. Our marketing team had the album reviewed, had Youtube videos made and helped book gigs for the band in NY.

RESULT: Since the album release on iTunes they have been steadily selling and are frequently playing gigs in and around the NYC area.

#1 On Billboard Hot Single Sales Chart for 21 weeks in 2013. #1 Selling CD Single of 2013 with the song Survivor Tree.



NAME: Devon

AGE: 16

HOMETOWN: Pennsylvania

CHALLENGE: Devon came to us with 10 Acapella songs she had written herself and recorded onto her computer (voice only). She had never been in the studio before.

SOLUTION: We created a unique sound for Devon, and wrote the music to work with her vocal melodies. We then produced full instrumental tracks for all of her songs, brought her into the studio to record her vocals, then mixed and mastered her full-length album. We then helped to create her internet presence and get her music on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and more.

RESULT: One of her songs is now being used by the American Heart Association.

Jenna Despres

NAME: Jenna Desires

AGE: 24

HOMETOWN: Connecticut

CHALLENGE: Jenna is a singer/songwriter who came to us wanting her songs professionally produced and radio ready. She plays acoustic guitar and sings.

SOLUTION: We brought her band into the studio and produced 5 new songs. We then mixed and mastered her EP and began her marketing campaign. Her EP is now available on iTunes and other digital distributors.

Ken Christopher

NAME: Ken Christopher

AGE: 24

HOMETOWN: California

CHALLENGE: Ken was a singer who came to us with no music and no songs, but a great voice.

Ken C. test jump

SOLUTION: We found the genre that would best work for him, which was dance/pop. SkyeLab then wrote and produced original tracks, found the best songwriters for the tracks to write lyrics and melodies, and then mixed and mastered his full-length album. We utilized some popular DJ/dance producers to create 5 re-mixes for the album as well. With Ken we also coordinated the photography and artwork for his CD, and began a marketing and promotion campaign.

RESULT: The CD has been released in February 2011 to a great reception.