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Lauren Logue, a dynamic 17 year old from Scotland, is using her genre-defining sound to win over the hearts of listeners eager for something new. A natural performer, Lauren began developing herself as an artist at the age of five and found pride taking on challenging acting roles in musicals by the age of nine. Days after her fourteenth birthday, Lauren felt it was time to take her passion for singing to a serious level and began entering numerous regional vocal competitions.

Lauren’s soulful voice earned her the immediate attention of the judges; her unprecedented sound uniting a tasteful blend of ragtime blues, urban composition and worldly percussions. Such distinguished laurels and others like it served to build Logue’s feel for herself as an artist. With momentum rolling in her favor, the opportunity to fly to New York City to record with acclaimed producer Arty Skye of Skye Lab Music Group marked a milestone for her career. Back home, her debut single “Changeling” was an instant favorite with fans eager to support their hometown hero.

Being the multitalented performer she is, Lauren spent her summer perfecting her trade, being accepted into a top program at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Being back in New York gave Logue another chance to team up with Skye, recording her second single “Show You” in hopes of connecting to a larger public audience and further pursuing her dream as a recording artist. “Singing is a passion for me,” says Lauren, “I would love to pursue this career– it would be the most fulfilling wish. It is my hope that if I work hard enough my dream will become reality. I am a strong believer in fate- if it is meant to be, it will be.”

Watch for her new single “Changeling” on iTunes and other popular digital distributors.