Sept. Newsletter Update 1

For the past few months we’ve have a crazy ton going on here at SkyeLab Music Group. For instance, have you checked out our new and totally improved website (of course you have, you’re probably on it right now)? We have added features like an Artist player page where you can hear clips from most of the SkyeLab Artists! Rules, right?

Bret is Super excited. Also, with all the new and righteous talent joining the SkyeLab family recently we have decided to add an “Artist Spotlight” section on the main page where anyone can watch their latest Music video! Right now we have SkyeLab’s insanely talented rocker Carmen Magro and his new and popular video for “America”.

What else have we been up? Well SkyeLab artist Devon’s music video for her single “Shy Guy” becoming a YouTube sensation have you seen it yet? 110,000 other people have, DON’T MISS OUT!

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