Carmen Magro

Carmen Magro

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Behind every Carmen song lies a story integral to the development of the man behind the music. He lost his father when he was a young boy but approaches life with his father’s motto “You can have all of the tools in the world but unless you have heart, you have nothing. With heart you can do anything you want to.” Carmen was raised by his mother after his father’s passing and she saw to it that music play a key part in Carmen’s childhood.

Although he grew up with an old upright piano in the house, it was neglected to make way for Carmen’s passion for drums and percussion. Carmen’s desire to play drums became a reality when his mother surprised him with a set for his 14th birthday. He went on to play for several bands around Philadelphia and New Jersey.

His mother developed breast cancer when he was 16 and fought it for almost 4 years. The day she died, Carmen walked home from the hospital and wrote his first song. The basis for Carmen’s songwriting career was inspired by the story of a young man who was hit and paralyzed by a drunk driver. Carmen wrote a song and sent it as a gift to the young man’s family, who would later invite him to play at a charity event to raise money in their son’s name. The response to the music was overwhelmingly positive.

After recording several songs at home, he contacted Arty Skye, a well-known producer in New York City, to have his music professionally recorded and mastered. His first single, “America”, was inspired by Carmen’s Uncle Charlie, who came to visit when Carmen’s mother was ill in the hospital. Uncle Charlie explained how he and Carmen’s father joined the war after Pearl Harbor was bombed. He told him that his father went to fight because he wanted to raise a family in freedom, not under terror. Carmen wrote “America” to honor his father, uncle and the brave men and women in the military that fight for this country.

Carmen continues to record in NY hoping to one day play his music professionally and hear it on the radio. His music is about growing up, love, loss, and taking pride in one’s self-identity; all which allow his upbeat nature to shine through.