SkyeLab Music Group


Devon is a 16-year-old singer/songwriter.  From a young age she knew she wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry and with the help of her consistently ambitious personality, has gained experiences doing several films and television shows. However, after doing her first community musical, she knew that live stage performance was her passion, especially singing.

At the age of 11, Devon was diagnosed with a heart condition that required surgery and limited activity, and used this time to put all of her energy and increased down time into her passion for music and song writing.

At the age of 15, Devon spent some time in an all girl group based out of New York City and began taking DJ classes in NYC in order to broaden her talents and musical abilities.

After leaving the girl group, and looking for a new way to get herself out there, she took her songs to the Skyelab Music Group to have them recorded and produced, one of which is entitled “Open Your Heart” and was written to benefit the American Heart Association. She currently has four singles available for download on iTunes as well as a just recently filmed music video for the single “Shy Guy”.

Devon’s musical style comes from a blend of today’s top artists, powered by her own creative and unique personality. Her bold and determined attitude keeps her driven as she continues to write and perform.