Francisco Toscano

Francisco Toscano

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Francisco Toscano was born in Mexico in March 21st, 1975. Since a very early age, he felt his true calling was music and singing, although he conducted a life away from the spotlight.Choosing to work in the business world, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance, doing his MBA shortly after. It was in the city of Paris in an event sponsored by the business school at which he was studying at in 2001, where he first recorded three songs professionally. Derived of this experience, his passion for music was reborn.

Once he was back in Mexico, he started to take classical vocal training lessons since year 2003, training that he follows until today.It was in year 2005 when he finally decided to start his first pop music project as an independent artist, in which Francisco Toscano has performed the roles of executive producer, author and singer, amongst others. This project was carried out in New York City, Mexico City and Monterrey.In order to earn experience performing, Francisco participated in year 2006 in the “interbank games”, event organized by the Mexican Banks Association (ABM), where won the first prize in the male singer category.

During the production of the album “Autorretrato” (self portrait), determined to materialize his dream, Francisco worked in the financial sector, which is one of the reasons why this project took a couple of years to be completed. This project has been named by him as “Autorretrato” as it reflects different sides of his life and personality discovered during the personal journey that this project turned out to be.Musical Influences: Josh Groban, Cèline Dion, Mariah Carey, Mario Frangoulis, Madonna, Michael Jackson. Also, american black music from the 60’s (Ben E King, Aretha Franklin, etc), Latin Pop and Classical Music (Italian Barroque).