Marina Star

Marina Star

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Marina Star is an American singer-songwriter based in New York City. Marina’s music is a rich blend of pop, dance, and electronic. Born in Moscow, Russia, she moved to the United States at 14 years old to live with her mother. From 1998 to 2004 Marina has been traveling frequently between the United States and Russia in order to finish her artistic education.

At an early age, Marina began training with classes in pop vocals, modern dance, piano and acting at the Kids and Teens Art Palace in Moscow and performed with both English and Russian songs. At 17, Marina was also certified as a singer by the RMA Music Agency. Marina continued her studies in acting at the Slavonic International Institute, and music at the Modern Art Institute.

Inspired by her relationships, Marina began to write songs at age 16 and has continued to grow as a songwriter throughout the years. She was awarded by the International Library of Poetry for the song “Perfect Dream.” Her song “Still Standing” gained the attention of, who included the song in their 2008 Editor’s Choice. In 2009, Marina recorded her first series of singles with multi-platinum record producer Arty Skye at Skyelab Music Group in New York City. Her subsequent debut music video for “Shattered Dreams” brought Marina to a new level of artistry.

In addition to music, performing and acting, Marina has branched out into modeling, landing second place at the 2009 Miss Diaspora Models International Competition and performed at the event as an artist the following year at the popular New york club Amnesia. In 2010 Marina collaborated with the Grammy Award Winning and Billboard Chart Producers Sam Michaels and Dan Mathews to remix her previously recorded songs. Marina’s song “All for the better” received the Honorable Mention from the 17th annual Billboard world Song Contest. Marina’s music is now available in digital stores worldwide. As Marina’s career continues to expand, she has become increasingly focused and driven to succeed.