Mike V.

Mike V.

SkyeLab Music Group


Sometimes it takes a little homemade inspiration to bring out the best in a songwriter.  Mike V has always enjoyed composing music, but it was his childhood friends who convinced him that his favorite hobby could become a fulfilling career.

From high school, to college, to law school, Mike filled his idle time by cultivating musical hooks. He then recorded his music and played at various social events, where he received a positive response from neighborhood attendees, as well as encouragement to take his productions to a professional level.

Mike called up Skyelab Music Group in New York City and was fortunate enough to be answered by Grammy Award nominated, multi-platinum award winning producer Arty Skye.  From there began a lasting relationship, which produced songs of various genres and styles. Singles such is, “You’re the Greatest,” “Survive,” “Don’t Stop the Race,” and “In God We Trust” provide a vibrant sample of Mike’s work thus far and the potential that lies ahead for future tracks.

Like any songwriter, Mike is an articulate, professional, and driven individual who enjoys the challenges that his assignments present. He prides himself on respecting those he works with and believes that the music industry does so much for people all around the world.