Vincenza Decesare

Vincenza Decesare

SkyeLab Music Group


With a sound that combines urban beats and beautiful melodies, Vincenza sings with such ease that listeners are instantaneously swept away from reality. Her pleasant vocals are a result of her inspiration from artists like Sarah McLaughlin, Madonna, and Dido.

Ever since she was 2 years old, singing the Oscar Mayer song to anyone who would listen, Vincenza knew she wanted to be a singer. When she became a finalist in the 2007 “Singin’ NJ Vocal Competition,” as well as singing the National Anthem at Yogi Berra Stadium and being asked to return to sing again in August, Vincenza was convinced her time had come.

Vincenza’s single “A Thousand Crimes,” produced by Arty Skye for Skyelab Studios (; written by Arty Skye and Mike Guerriero.