Zickie Jonez

Zickie Jonez

SkyeLab Music Group


Zickie Joenez, popularly known as “Joenez JR”, is a world music artist out of Nigeria, West Africa. He is the son of the late music legend Joenez, and has adopted his father’s name and honored it through his inspirational music.

His new single “We Can Make The World” was produced in New York City by Arty Skye at Skyelab Music Group.

For Zickie Joenez, New York City has been an exciting new experience and through his music he connects to all parts of the world.

Commenting on his new single, “We Can Make This World”, Joenez states;“I decided to record this track as a single to start with and my intention is to send a message to people all over the world to let them know that we can make this world a better place.” This song was composed by Zickie himself, Jude Pado and Arty Skye.

Influenced by his father’s talent, Zickie has been singing since he was a young child. Originally, Zickie had no interest in pursuing a career in music yet this all changed when he met Felix Feladey. Mr. Felday became a mentor for Zickie and truly helped him recognize his talent and love for music.

Chief Vitalis Ajumbeh has also been an inspiration to Zickie and they are currently in discussions to release his new single. However, Zickie is open to all opportunities that allow him to spread his music and Make This World a Better Place!