Tiffany Parker

Tiffany Parker

SkyeLab Music Group


Tiffany Parker’s unique twist of pop music sets the 20-year old singer/songwriter from Seattle apart from the crowded genre of female pop singers. The diversity and appreciation of her influences in jazz, blues, and soul gives Tiffany Parkers music a one-of-a-kind sound, further fueled by deep, honest and powerful lyrics. Although she finds herself using various styles, the heart and soul of what Tiffany is going through and where she is in her life comes through in every song she creates.

Tiffany Parker began her active pursuit of music at the age of 12, while singing in school shows and performances. At the age of 14 she took her abilities further and joined her first hip-hop dance class, along with singing for audiences from festivals to theaters. After dancing for just a few months, she was asked to join a professional dance team in the Seattle area. From there Tiffany began to see the possibilities in store for her and the doors yet to be opened. She started dancing on 4 dance teams at one time and performing solo performances bi-weekly. Throughout this time in her life she began to receive positive feedback, comments, and even offers. Being approached after performances by producers, managers, and record labels, she began to refocus on who she was as an artist, and began to prepare herself for success. In 2009, Tiffany took her career to the next level by recording her first professional project under the guidance of multi-platinum record producer/engineer Arty Skye of Skyelab Music Group.

Tiffany Parker is now working with a producer in Hollywood, CA. Tiffany just finished shooting her music video for her new single Fearless featuring Rugged Monk from the Wu Tang Clan, and there is many more to come in the future for this thriving artist.